Common Behavioral Problems in Dogs and How to Address Them

Dogs are definitely life’s furry little bundles of happiness. But let’s face it—sometimes our adorable four-legged friends have habits that can drive us up the wall. The non-stop barking at every little rustle outside, or that once-perfect backyard now looking like it’s been prepped for an archaeological dig—yep, dogs can stir up quite the storm in our peaceful homes. If you find yourself scratching your head over your pup’s antics, wondering how to steer them towards better manners, you’ve hit the jackpot by stumbling upon this article. Let’s march paw-in-hand through some common doggy doozies and fetch you some solid advice on turning your rowdy rover into the best-behaved buddy on the block.

Chihuahua in a Ruffle Lemon Prints Dog Dress

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Chihuahua in a Ruffle Lemon Prints Dog Dress

Excessive Barking

Ever had your ears ring from your dog barking like there’s no tomorrow? It can really test your patience. Dogs that bark too much might be trying to tell you they’re bored, worried, or just super alert. Yelling “Stop!” might just make things worse—they might think you’re joining in! So, what’s the game plan? Train them with a “quiet” command said in a chill tone and give them a treat when they zip it. Make sure they’re getting enough playtime so they’re more snooze-ready than noisy. And when you’re not home, keep their brains busy with some cool puzzle toys.


Puppies are all about exploring, and they do a lot of it with their mouths. Without guidance, playful nipping can turn into an annoying habit. If you scold or swat at them, it could stress them out even more or scare them. Instead, shower them with awesome chew toys and give them a thumbs-up when they chomp on those. It’s all about swapping bad habits for good ones—and saving your stuff from those needle-sharp puppy teeth.

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Cavapoo in a Floral Dog Dress

Digging Holes

Does your dog act like there’s buried treasure in the backyard? It can be a headache when they’re turning your lawn into Swiss cheese. There’s a laundry list of reasons why dogs might dig: pent-up energy, searching for a cool spot on a hot day, or it’s simply in their genes to do so. If you just fill those holes and give them a telling-off, you might find they start digging on the down-low. Instead, try setting up a special area where digging is all good—maybe even hide a few treats there as an extra incentive. And don’t forget: keeping them active with regular walks and playtime can make a big difference. Tired dogs are way less likely to go on a landscaping might be helpful to understand and manage your dog's digging habits, which will provide you with strategies beyond the basics.

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Shih Tzu in a Flamingo Dog Dress

Separation Anxiety

Walking into chaos at home, like shredded cushions or scratch marks on the door, is no fun for anyone. And believe it or not, your dog isn’t having a blast either—they’re actually freaking out. Losing your temper when you see the mess only amps up their stress. Here’s a better approach: try heading out and coming back at different times, and when you do, keep things mellow—skip the over-the-top farewells and welcomes. To keep their minds off your absence, arm them with some tricky puzzle toys. Also, having a cozy place to relax, whether it’s a snug crate or a plush bed, can really help—it’s their personal chill-out zone.

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Maltese in a UV Sun Protection Dog Shirt

Inappropriate Urination or Defecation

Finding an indoor accident is a bit of a buzzkill and can put a damper on your bond with your furry roommate. Scolding them after the fact isn’t the lesson you want to teach—it may just scare them from doing their business altogether. Being regular with walks and making a big deal in a good way when they do their thing outside helps set the right routine. And when accidents do happen, reach for an enzyme cleaner to ditch the scent and discourage any re-runs in the same spot.

Begging for Food

When dinner time turns into a staring contest with your dog, it’s hard not to cave. But remember, every time you give in and toss them a scrap under the table, you’re teaching them that begging works. Instead, keep meals for humans at the dining table and dog meals separate. If your furry friend can’t resist begging, it’s okay to lead them out of the room gently. Stick with these boundaries, and you’ll enjoy your meals without the guilt trip.

Poodle in a Sweet Heart Dog Dress

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Poodle in a Sweet Heart Dog Dress

Chasing Other Animals

Dogs have a natural instinct to chase, but letting them indulge or getting upset after the fact isn’t the way to go. Work on leash training and mastering those recall commands, rewarding them when they get it right. This doesn’t mean no fun ever; just keep them leashed in situations where their chase instinct might take over, at least until you trust their ability to listen under temptation.

Flutter Jump

Sure, it’s cute when your dog jumps up to greet you, but it can be risky or simply annoying, especially with guests. Pushing them away might seem like playing to them, encouraging them even more. The trick? Ignore them until they settle down with all paws on the floor. Then, feel free to shower them with love and maybe a treat or two. Consistency is key here for teaching them the best way to say hello.



Biting is a serious behavior that needs addressing, whether it stems from fear, protectiveness, or just not knowing any better. Reacting with physical punishment can make things worse, leading to more aggression. The focus should be on early socialization, consistent training, and recognizing what triggers these responses. If biting becomes a problem, don’t hesitate to seek professional guidance to manage it safely and effectively.

Rough Play

When play becomes too rough, it’s time to step in. Yanking your dog away or raising your voice could just get them more hyped up. Pause the wrestling match with a calm timeout and offer them a suitable toy instead. Work on gentle play by using cues like “gentle” or “easy,” and if they keep forgetting the rules, calmly end the game. This way, you’re setting boundaries without adding any heat to the moment.

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Pug in a Monkey Dog Pajamas

Wrapping It Up: The Ups and Downs of Dog Parenthood

Having a dog is a wild ride—packed with affection, happiness, and the odd hiccup along the way. Getting to grips with behavioral quirks and correcting them with love is all part of the adventure. If you're starting this journey, it's important to know how to prepare your home for a new puppy, ensuring a smooth transition for both of you. Training goes beyond sit and stay; it’s a constant exchange that helps your pooch learn their spot in your life. A well-coached dog isn’t just better behaved but also enjoys life more—and so will you. So when things get tricky, see it as a chance to bond, guide, and grow with your tail-wagging pal. Every challenge is just another step on an incredible journey together.