Beat the Heat: Fun and Safe Summer Workouts for Dogs

Sure, you love seeing your pup bounce around with all that energy. Exercise is key to their health and sheer doggo joy. But when the summer sun starts cranking up the heat, it’s normal to worry about keeping them safe from overheating or dehydration during outdoor playtime. No sweat—there are loads of ways to keep your furry companion active and cool, even in the dog days of summer.

Maltese in a Leopard Dog Bikini

Instagram: lincolnandcharlotte
Maltese in a Leopard Dog Bikini

In this article, we’re laying out a game plan for the hot weather. We’ll guide you on picking the right times for outdoor fun, finding those perfect shady spots for exploration, coming up with entertaining indoor activities, and keeping an eye out for those pesky signs of overheating. By following these tips, you can ensure that your four-legged friend continues to enjoy their favorite activities, no matter how high the temperature rises.Learn how to keep your dog safe in the summer heat. Our blog on avoiding heatstroke has tips for dogs. Follow these tips to keep your dog happy and healthy.

Can You Walk Your Dog When It’s Hot Out?

Absolutely, you can walk your pup in hot weather—just be smart about it. Regular walks and games of fetch are more than just fun; they keep your dog fit, get their heart pumping, and provide some much-needed brain exercise. But as the temperature goes up, tweaking their routine is key to keeping them safe and happy.

Here’s the trick to hot weather hangouts: go for walks in the early morning or evening when the sun plays nice. It keeps your furry friend from getting too hot under the collar. Don’t forget to bring water for you both, so nobody’s panting for a drink. If there’s a tree or a bench in the shade, why not take five and chill?

Yorkie in an Abstract Swirl Summer Dog Dress

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Yorkie in an Abstract Swirl Summer Dog Dress

Every dog is different. Short-nosed breeds, seniors, or fluff-monsters with heavy coats might struggle when it’s hot. For these guys, a light indoor workout could be the ticket—or at least keep the outdoor antics short and sweet.To understand when a dog is considered a senior, read our blog on When Is a Dog Considered a Senior?

Summer Workouts With Your Pooch: Stay Cool, Stay Active

Time It Right

Catch the cool vibes of dawn or the chill of dusk for your walks. Skip the midday sizzle from 10 am to 4 pm. Always do a quick pavement test with your hand—too hot to touch means too hot for your buddy’s paws.

Find Your Chill Zone

Scope out leafy parks or walkways under tree-lined canopies. No forest nearby? A breezy spot in your yard works wonders—or look into a local doggy daycare for some air-conditioned adventures.

Frenchie in a Striped Dog Shirt

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Frenchie in a Striped Dog Shirt

Indoor Fun

Transform your living room into an agility course with cushions and tunnels, or start a treat scavenger hunt. Engage their brains with puzzle toys that reward them with tasty nibbles—it’s like Sudoku for dogs.

Make a Splash

Ease into swimming if your dog’s new to it, and pop on a life jacket for safety. Not near the beach? A kiddie pool in the garden is just as good for a splash and play—it’s the doggy version of a summer pool party.And don't forget to check out our blog on Summer Splash for fun summer outfit ideas for your dog!

Dog in a Purple Athleisure Dog Dress

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Dog in a Purple Athleisure Dog Dress

Be Prepared

Smart moves like planning for cooler times, seeking out shaded spots, and keeping those gears turning upstairs will help you both keep the energy up without turning into hot dogs. Here’s to a summer full of wagging tails and happy trails!

Winding Down With Your Pooch Post-Play

Once the fetch fest or park patrol is over, it’s time to shift gears and help your dog go from zooming to snoozing. Easing out of playtime isn’t just about catching their breath—it’s also about staving off post-play overheating and keeping that tail wagging happily.

Shih Tzu in a Flamingo Summer Dog Dress

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Shih Tzu in a Flamingo Summer Dog Dress

Here’s how to ace the cooldown game:

  • Gradually dial back the action with a gentle walk—think of it as the final, leisurely lap after the big race.
  • Offer a bottomless bowl of cold water for them to drink at their own pace. Hydration is key.
  • Lay out a cool, damp towel or a special cooling mat where they can lounge and lower their body temp.
  • Guide them to a breezy spot in the shade where they can stretch out and fully relax.

Keep a watchful eye on your buddy post-cooldown. Signs like heavy panting, a wobbly stance, or a sudden drop in energy could point to heat stress. If you spot these red flags, get your dog to a cooler spot stat and touch base with your vet for peace of mind.

With a proper wind-down routine, your pup will be rejuvenated and ready to romp around again before you know it. Remember, calming down after excitement is just as important as the fun and games!

Chihuahua in a Mermaid Dog Bikini

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Chihuahua in a Mermaid Dog Bikini

Staying Cool: Summer Safety for Your Furry Friend

Dress for Success… in Heat!

Cooling vests and neck accessories are lifesavers on those blazing days. They use evaporative tech or gel packs to beat the heat. Measure your dog to get the perfect, snug fit—no one likes a droopy vest. Pop those gel packs in the fridge or freezer to recharge after each outing. Ideal for long walks or wilderness treks.

Hydration Station on the Move

Always bring water with specially designed dog bottles that seal tight and have built-in bowls. Freezing the water before you leave keeps it nice and cool longer. Or grab a collapsible bowl—they’re light, portable, and don’t cramp your style.

Dog in a Summer Dog Floral Bikini

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Dog in a Summer Dog Floral Bikini

Hot Pavement? No Problem!

Protect those pup pads with dog booties. Size them up by tracing your dog’s paws and match the measurements to the size guide. Ease your dog into wearing them gently, checking their paws regularly for any sign of rubbing or irritation.

Bandana Beat the Heat

A quick fix? A cold, wet bandana tied around the neck can cool down your pooch in a pinch. It’s low-tech but effective. Keep a few on hand to swap out as they lose their chill factor.

Maltese in a Purple UV Sun Protection Dog Shirt

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Maltese in a Purple UV Sun Protection Dog Shirt

Safe Sun Sessions

Don’t forget sunscreen for sensitive spots like ears, snouts, and underbellies. Go for pet-safe, non-toxic options, slather it on about 30 minutes before sun time, and top it up throughout the day.

Ready for a Cool Summer with Your Pooch

Arm yourself with a little prep and the right gear, and your four-legged pal will be all set to frolic, come shine or scorch. Keen to ready your furry friend for a summer that’s both hot and happening? Swing by our online store where we’ve stocked up on everything you need to keep your pet cool. From sleek cooling vests that make a splash to booties that shield those paws, not to mention some chic yet functional gear—they’re all here. Let’s get your buddy summer-ready for endless fun under the sun!