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The reasons for buying Frenchie dogs clothes

Here are the main reasons why you should buy dog clothes for your furry Frenchie child.

To protect them from cold

Your dog needs proper protection when it is cold outside. Frenchie dogs cannot withstand cold and it can make them sick. With proper Frenchie dog clothes, you can protect your dog from getting sick when the temperature is going dow.

The security

According to several researchers, dogs can feel a sense of safety and security if they get proper dog clothes. If you notice your dog getting insecure, you should try to buy some comfortable and warm dog clothes for your dog that can help them to get out of the anxious mindset. 

To protect their skin

Dog's skin also needs proper protection, especially when we are talking about Frenchie dogs. Their bare skin can get exposed to different types of allergens and diseases that can cause severe skin infections. Buy dog clothes to protect the skin of your dog and also to help them to get their wounds healed. 

How to choose the right Frenchie dog clothes?

It is important to choose the right dog clothes for your dog that can make them happy and comfortable. Here are a few points that you should consider while choosing the perfect dog clothes for your Frenchie dog.

Dog's skin can be sensitive to several types of materials and your dog can also have some kind of allergies. Go for the material that does not cause any kind of allergic reaction or irritation to your dog. Check the material while buying dog clothes for your Frenchie dog. 

It is important that your dog feels comfortable in Frenchie dog clothes. If your dog is not comfortable enough and cannot move naturally after wearing the cloth, you might not have chosen the right size for your dog. Choose the most comfortable size for your dog so that your dog can play without any irritation while wearing the cloth. 

Make sure to keep the season in mind while choosing the perfect Frenchie dog clothes for your dog. If the temperature is cold, you will need to go for some warm clothes and if it is hot enough, go for comfortable clothes. Regardless of on which occasion you are shopping for your dog, make sure that the clothing material meets the requirements of the season precisely. 

How to measure a Frenchie dog to find the Right Size of Frenchie dog clothes?

If you do not pick the right size when buying Frenchie dog clothes, it can cause discomfort to your dog. Here is how you can choose the right size for your dog. 

First you will need to measure the chest girth of your dog which is the widest part of the chest.

Now, you will need to measure the back length of your dog which is the area spanning from the base of the neck to the starting point of the tail. Make sure to exclude the tail while measuring this part. 

Once you are done measuring these two areas of your dog's body, you can buy the perfect Frenchie dog clothes for your dog.

How do I know if my Frenchie dogs are too cold or too hot?

You'll need to understand whether your dog is too cold or too hot to dress them up accordingly. You'll also need to keep in mind these things while getting your dog ready to wear the Frenchie dog clothes.

If your dog is too cold, your dog can seek shelter. He/she can also refuse to rest as well.

If your dog is too hot, you can notice lethargic behaviours in your dog. Your dog may pant rapidly and so the saliva of your dog can also get thicker. 

What should you pay attention to when buying Frenchie dog clothes?

While buying Frenchie dog clothes, make sure that the material of that dog clothes does not cause any kind of irritation and that your dog can feel comfortable in that cloth. 

What accessories can be matched with Frenchie dog clothes?

There are several kinds of accessories that can be matched with Frenchie dog clothes such as hair clips, bows, ties, shoes, matching collars, hats etc. 

Some clothing tips:

Make sure the Frenchie dog clothes are comfortable enough

Gradually increase the time of your dogs being in clothes

Go for a size up while buying Frenchie dog clothes

Don't cover the ears and head of your dog

What are the physical characteristics of a dog's physiology?

If your dog loves the Frenchie dog clothes you have bought, they can be in a playful mood and can wiggle their tails for you. 

If your dog does not like the clothes, they can refuse to do any kind of playful activities and can also feel lethargic instantly.

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