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Fitwarm offers a huge collection of frenchie clothes for dogs so that you can choose the perfect one for your furry baby.

The reasons for buying French bulldog clothes for dogs

To keep them warm

You should buy French bulldog clothes for dogs to keep your dog warm in winter. Though most dog breeds have a layer of thick fur on their bodies, some dog breeds such as French bulldogs don't have a natural fur coat warm enough that can protect them from the cold breeze in winter. This breed can easily catch colds and become sick. It is why you should buy for your French Bulldog so that your dog can have a nice and playful winter. It will allow their bodies to retain more body heat. 

Limit the scratches

In most cases, dogs love to scratch their bare skin which can cause severe skin irritation, rashes and itchiness in the long run. If your French Bulldog puppy also has the same issue, you will need to buy French Bulldog puppy clothes for your furry children so that they have a limited access to their bare skin. It cannot only reduce skin irritation and itchiness but also will help them to heal fast as they will not be able to lick or scratch the wounded areas. 

To appreciate their beauty

French bulldogs should be appreciated. They are not only an amazing breed in terms of physical beauty but also they can be the best partner a man can have. You should compliment the unconditional love of your French Bulldog by providing him/her with French bulldog designer clothes. You can also dress up your dog to be the centre of attraction at any event with the best and most fashionable Frenchie clothes for dogs. 

Reduce the effect of allergens

You should buy French bulldog clothes for dogs to reduce the effect of allergens. Dog's bare skin can be exposed to several allergens but if they wear proper clothes, the exposure can be limited. These allergens can cause skin irritation, rashes and other skin troubles. 

Click perfect family photos

Furry children are inseparable parts of every family and to click perfect family photos, you will need to buy French bulldog designer clothes that can perfectly match the occasion or the theme of the photo. They should not feel left out at any cost.

How to choose the right French bulldog puppy clothes?

If you have French Bulldogs as your furry children, there are several reasons why you should buy French bulldog clothes for your dogs. It is also important to consider a few things while buying French Bulldog puppy clothes for your dogs. Here we have mentioned some of the key points that you should consider.

Always make sure to buy French Bulldog designer clothes while keeping comfort in mind. The frenchie clothes for dogs should be comfortable enough so that your dog can play while wearing them. They should not feel any kind of discomfort or suffocation while wearing the clothes and should be able to move their body without any trouble.

Material is an important matter to consider while buying French Bulldog puppy clothes. Regardless of whether you are buying daily wear for your French Bulldog or you are willing to buy French bulldog designer clothes for any special occasion, you have to make sure that the material of the cloth does not cause any kind of irritation to your dog. The cloth material should be of high quality and should not have any kind of allergens that can cause irritation or rashes on your furry baby's skin. There are some kinds of material that are not suitable for the sensitive skin of a French Bulldog. Make sure to buy the material that can suit their preferences while buying frenchie clothes for dogs. 

Also, you should keep the season in mind when buying French bulldog clothes for dogs. The material as well as the clothes will not be the same for summer and winter. For summer, your French Bulldog would need some light clothes that also allow enough air to avoid any kind of suffocation. On the other hand, in winter, your french bulldog would need something that can keep them warm and comfortable as this breed is sensitive to cold temperature and can easily be affected. It is important that you understand for which season you are buying frenchie clothes for dogs before buying them.


To keep your furry child comfortable, you have to choose the right size. The French Bulldog designer clothes that you choose for your French Bulldog should not be too tight or too loose. You will need to do the measurements properly to make sure that you choose the right size for the frenchie clothes for dogs.

Your French Bulldog is a part of your family and that's why you should also be concerned about his/her outfit on a special occasion while choosing French bulldog clothes for dogs. If you are going to buy French Bulldog designer clothes for a particular occasion, make sure that those clothes can perfectly match the vibe of that occasion

How to Measure French bulldog dogs to find the Right Size of French bulldog designer clothes?

It is important that you measure your French Bulldog properly before buying French bulldog clothes for dogs so that your French Bulldog can be comfortable wearing that cloth. Here is how you can do that.

Two measurements are extremely important for choosing the right Frenchie clothes for dogs: the chest girth and the back length. For measuring both of them, you will need a soft measuring tape. 

For chest girth: It is the widest part of the chest of your French Bulldog that you will need to measure.

For back length: It is the area from the base of the neck to the starting point of the tail. While measuring this, make sure to exclude the tail. 

Once you are done measuring these two things of your French Bulldog, you can buy perfectly fit French Bulldog puppy clothes. 

How do I know if my French bulldog dogs are too cold or too hot?

If you love to buy French Bulldog puppy clothes for your French Bulldog, you will also have to understand when your French Bulldog is too hot and when he/she is too cold. If you don't understand these things properly, the dog clothes that you buy can cause severe irritation and health issues

When the French Bulldog is too hot

You can notice

Rapid brething

No energy in doing anything

Fast and irregular heartbeat

Excessive panting

When your French Bulldog is too cold

If your French Bulldog is too cold you will need to bring them warm clothes. You'll notice the points mentioned below if your French Bulldog is feeling too cold

Refusing to go and play outside

Shaking and shivering

Barking and whining

Seeking shelter

Lifting the paws off the ground etc 

You'll have to understand the preferences of your French Bulldog and buy French Bulldog puppy clothes. 

What should you pay attention to when buying Frenchie clothes for dogs?

You should always pay attention to the comfort of your dog while buying French bulldog clothes for your dog. Your dog should be able to do everything that he/she does the other times while wearing the clothes you brought to them.

What accessories can be matched with the clothes for French bulldog puppies?

You can match different accessories with designer clothes you buy for your French Bulldog such as hair clips, bows, ties, shoes, matching collars, hats etc. All these accessories complement the beauty and appearance of your French Bulldog. 

Some clothing tips

Here are some clothing tips that you should follow if you want to buy French Bulldog clothes for your furry baby.

Understand their behavior to understand whether they like the clothes or not

Gradually increase the time of your dog being in clothes

Don't cover the head or ears of your dog when buying the Frenchie clothes for dogs as it can cause irritation to them

Make sure that the material of the clothes doesn't have any harmful elements or any kind of allergens

Do not force your dog to wear the clothes 

What are the physical characteristics of a dog's physiology?

You can understand whether your French Bulldog likes the clothing pieces you bring to them or not. There are some physical characteristics of their psychology that precisely reflect whether your dog loves the outfit or not.

If your dog loves the outfit, he/she can wiggle their bottom, stare at you with puppy dog eyes etc. They can even become playful instantly after wearing the clothes and insist you to play with them. If you notice your French Bulldog doing any of these activities after wearing the clothes, it means that he/she loves it. 

If your French Bulldog doesn't like the clothes, they can refuse to do the things they love and even they can refuse you to play with them. You'll easily understand from their behaviors whether your French Bulldog loves the clothes or not. 

Ending words

You can get a huge variety of amazing designer clothes available for French bulldogs at Fitwarm. All the clothes are made of high-quality materials that are perfect to compliment the beauty and unconditional love of your French Bulldog. 

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