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red, white & blue

Celebrate in vibrant colors

Roll in the celebration vibes with our vibrant, patriotic Pet Collection! Tailored for the tiny ones, this assortment is all about standing out and causing double takes. Bring a dash of flamboyance to the BBQ-season - let's set those tails a-waggle and eyes swiveling! Here's to making every summer bash ultra paw-licious and fur-tastic with a patriotic flair - Discover Our Vibrant Collection Today!

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      Yes, we offer a variety of designs tailored to both male and female dogs. For your boy dog, you can opt for hoodies, shirts, or sweaters that are both stylish and comfortable. For your girl dog, we have adorable dresses and 2-piece dress sets that are perfect for making a fashion statement. Whatever your pup's style, we've got something to make them stand out this 4th of July!

      Absolutely! These outfits are crafted from breathable and stretchy fabric, ensuring your dog can move freely. So, whether it's playtime or showtime, your furry friend will be comfortable and ready for both!

      No. Our collection are designed to fit closely, yet they are made from a stretchy material that ensures your pet remains comfortable at all times. This construction allows unrestricted movement, ensuring that the pet can move comfortably without any limitations. Additionally, all pajamas are designed with a higher cut in the belly to allow easy potty breaks.

      We recommend measuring your dog and referring to our size chart. Ensure you check measurements like length, chest, and neck for the best fit. More details please follow the Measurement Guide.

      Step into the festive spirit with our exclusive 4th of July dog outfit collection. Every piece radiates with the patriotic colors of red, blue, and white, capturing the essence of this special day.

      For the dapper pups, our dog shirts are adorned with stars, stripes, and vibrant hues. Crafted with precision and flair, these shirts are all about making a statement.

      For the divas, our dog dresses are the epitome of style and comfort. With patterns inspired by the star-spangled banner, they're the go-to choice for furry fashionistas ready to shine.

      Every outfit in our collection is more than just attire; it's a symbol of pride and patriotism. From the bold colors to the intricate star designs, each piece celebrates the spirit of unity and freedom.

      So, let your furry friend join the festivities and showcase their patriotic side. After all, they too deserve to be part of the grand celebration!