Get Fashion and Stylish - New Summer Collection

A New Fashion Trend

The heat is coming to us unnoticed, we have a lot of expectations for summer and it's full of excitement, passion and desire for new clothes. Same for our pets, we want to provide the best for them. For this summer, I think the Fitwarm new summer collection is going to add quite a vibe to your pets' wardrobe.


Cool Boys Summer

Fashion is not just for female pets anymore, our little boy can be fashionable and stylish. Boys are energetic and as pet parents, it's hard to choose outfits. They are always running around, and we need to make sure what they are wearing is breathable, and easy for any kind of movement. I would recommend our summer boy collection, they are comfortable and stylish.


Fitwarm Memphis Tee


2-Pack Memphis Dog Shirts
                                                     2-Pack Memphis Shirt


(Aesthetic postmodern style with brightly colored shapes and lines, presenting the vitality of the outfit.)


Fitwarm Wave Tee


2-Pack Abstract Lightweight Dog Shirts


          2-Pack Abstract Lightweight T-Shirt Yellow

(Designed with colorful wavy stripes and iconic "Fitwarm" prints with great impaction of colors.)


Glam Girls Summer

When it comes to girl outfits, there are lots of choices for little girls. Our little girls are princesses, we always want to dress them in a cute way and take tons of pictures. As for the new girl summer collection, we want to present athleisure and aesthetic vibes, let's take a look at some new dresses!


Fitwarm Love Crop Top


2 Piece Athleisure Dog Dress


                                                  2 Piece Athleisure Dress

(An outfit that is filled with love, pets can also be fashionable when they are exercising.)


Fitwarm Pigment Purple Dress


Abstract Swirl Dog Dress


                                                        Abstract Swirl Dress

(A red rose tone with swirl pattern dress is definitely the best choice for your pet's daily outfit.)


Keep Your Summer Memories

I am sure everyone has their own ideal summer with their pets. When you are putting on these awesome and fashionable outfits on your pets, just don't forget to take pictures and save it as memories.

I hope everyone is having a gorgeous and unforgettable summer with their pets, don't hesitate to share your love to them. 


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