Should Pets Wear Clothes? WHY?

Stay Warm and Enjoy the Weather

Pets will also get cold during cool and winter days. Especially for hairless, elderly and cubs. They don't have the ability to keep themselves warm. As their owners, it's our responsibility to keep them warm and healthy.


Turtleneck Knitted Dog Sweater


                                                      Turtleneck Knitted Sweater

If you are living in a place where winter gets really cold, the turtle-neck sweater would really help to keep your pet warm and also in style. 


Avoid Overheating in Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight can be harmful to our lovely pets as well. Pets need to wear clothes to protect their skin from the sunlight, like us humans putting on sunblock and all kinds of sun-proof clothing. Direct sunlight can cause skin disease or allergy.

However, even for just protecting skin, the outfit must be fashionable as well. These bright striped tees are my favorite items to put on when I am taking out my dogs for a walk.


2-Pack 100% Cotton Striped Dog Shirts


                                         2-Pack 100% Cotton Striped Shirt Purple-Orange

                                              (Instagram: @deo.the.cavoodle)


Protect Skin after Grooming or Shaving

It's important to take out pets to groom or shave constantly. After grooming or shaving, their skin will be sensitive, and with the fur shorter, it's easy for parasites to get on the skin. The parasites and germs are everywhere, you don't know when they will get on your pet! The best way is to put on clothes and protect their skin and fur physically!

In order to protect the sensitive skin after grooming, this super soft and comfortable hoodie would be my first choice to put on my pet. 


Plaid Dog Hoodie Black White


                                                    Plaid Hoodie Black White

                                             (Instagram: @tinkerbellethedog)


Reduce Pet Hair in Home or Cars

Every pet owner knows how annoying pet hair can be. It gets into your home, your clothes, and your car. As a pet owner myself, from my point of view, putting clothes on your pet is the best way to reduce hair dropping.


Bonding with Our Furbabies

Living in this busy modern world, it's hard for us to spend time with our pets nowadays. There are many ways to bond with them actually, and putting clothes on them is one of the ways. When you are putting clothes on them, from some pets' view they will think that you are actually playing a game with them. We can offer them comfort and warmth, it's a good way for us to show them how much we love them.

With the following opinions, I am sure you will understand more why pets should wear clothes. As a pet owner myself, I would love to recommend the Fitwarm outfits I've mentioned above. They are cozy and in style. If you are looking for nice pet clothing, I think these would be a good choice.


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