Splash with Your Pet in Summer!


Beach Walk

Walking along the shore and enjoying the summer breeze, is a great way to bond with your pet wearing this dress. Get away from the busy weekdays on weekend and spend time with your little girl. Beach walks are a good way for both of you to exercise and enjoy the day in the sun!


Ribbon Bow Dog Dress

                                                      Ribbon Bow Dress

Swim Fun

Swimming among the waves with bikini is such a good way to hide from the heat. You can also play fetch in the water to add some extra fun to the activity.


Summer Leopard Bikini Dog Dress

                                                 Summer Leopard Bikini Dress

                                                 (Instagram: @thefurrykiddos)


You can't miss a fun day without taking cute pictures! Take tons of nice pictures along the beach and keep the great memories in your album. Share them on your social media would be another great choice as well!


Summer Leopard Bikini Dog Dress

                                                 Summer Leopard Bikini Dress

                                                 (Instagram: @darcy.the.doxie)

After all the activities I mentioned, you might already be picturing what your summer might be like with your pet. From my point of view, there is still something missing here, a summer must be bikini!


One Shoulder Flounce Dog Bikini

                                                 One Shoulder Flounce Bikini

                                              (Instagram: @wakanda_shihtzu)

I think this shiny bikini from Fitwarm would definitely add more color to your pet's summer. Adjustable one-shoulder straps, and buttoned waistband bottom. With shiny zebra printed patterns on, it would be the summer's best bikini all over.

Get ready right now and enjoy summer as you want!


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