About Fitwarm

They make you crazy sometimes, they greet you at the door every time, they want to be with you in a lifetime. Anyway, we love each other. Dog lovers as we are, we are committed to providing the highest quality pet clothing to every customers.


Fitwarm® is a registered trademark of pet clothing owned by Iwon Information Technology Limited, officially approved by USPTO. "We care about your furbaby" is our slogan, deeply expressing love to our little four legs babies.

High Quality and Trendy

Fitwarm® Pet Apparel is a company owned business. We design and produce pet clothing ourselves, fully control every single part of the production to make sure we can offer the highest standard products to every furbaby. Hand select every material, we care about quality more than cost. Young designers and experienced tailors make sure our products are trendy and comfortable. Our aim is to treat our furbaby the way we treat our human baby.


We have focused on the pet supplies business since 2009. Fitwarm.com is your online destination for pet clothing. At Fitwarm, you can find various selections for your furbaby, from spring to winter, for both your princess and prince.

Enjoy your shopping at Fitwarm.com now!